Images by
Mark Wells

After a very long cold spell we finally managed to plant our ‘Christmas bulbs’

For the last few years I have managed to buy flower bulbs at a greatly reduced price at the end of December and been able to put them in virtually straight away.

This year however, the Biodynamic calendar was right again, stating that we could expect a proper winter. 
At first we were going to plant them on New Year’s day, apart from the fact that most of the members were not able to make it, the bulbs would have needed some warm jackets and ear muffs, at it was well below freezing!
Sunday the 11th was the alternative, the early signs were not promising, cold and windy, who wants to come out to the gardens for that? Not very tempting really.

Then almost miraculously, the wind died down and the temperature rose a little. We had 3 drops of rain and that was it. At 1pm sharp all but two members of the project came armed with gloves, trowels, cakes and thermosflasks to celebrate our first communal activity in 2009. Young and old got involved, they chose their bulb varieties, places to plant them and got stuck in. It was a hive of activity. Then calm had come back and it was time for our New Years drink. Hot juices and coffee was flowing freely and the cakes, biscuits and muffins were consumed in large quantities.
Although after an hour there was not much to be seen of what we had done, in the coming weeks we can look forward with anticipations to see the first signs of our flowers and them flourish in Spring and Summer.

Watch this space, I shall give you a regular update.

Karina Wells
January 2009