The Shared Garden Project has been featured in several magazine and newspapers articles.
Your Environment Magazine
August - October 2006
Published by the Environment agency.

Penny Pozer, who was part of the Shared Garden Project in the early days, writes about buying local food and how this fosters a reall sense of community.

May is the month to Share a Garden
Choice Magazine, May 2002.

Growing your own tasty fruit and vegetables or providing beautiful blooms for a flower display is really satisfying. But not everyone has the time, the energy, the space or the knowledge to run their own vegetable patch, allotment or garden. More>>

Green Fingers
Organics Magazine, October/November 2001

Question: What do you do if you cant find local organic food?Answer: You grow it yourself.

Question: But what do you do if you haven't got much spare time and nowhere to grow the food?Answer: You band together and share the space and the work. More>>


The Shared Garden
Nottingham Evening Post, Tuesday May 22, 2001

Inspiring: Karina Wells has been voted Environmentalist of the Year for green projects

Karina Wells is an inspiring woman. Already more than 100 homes have taken part in the Eco Teams programme she set up in West Bridgford. Each Eco Team is a group of neighbours who get together on a regular basis to swap notes on environmental issues, such as conserving energy and reducing waste. More>>


Sharing a Vision with Neighbours
Nottingham Evening Post, Friday February 23, 2001

Its a growing concern for 12 families who have taken over four allotments with the emphasis on organic food

In the Seventies, it was TVs Tom and Barbara Good searching for the self-sufficient Good Life. Thirty years on, eco-friendly families who want to grow their own organic fruit and veg are fighting the good fight for real. Trouble is, it takes time and hard work. But it can also be fun and very rewarding. Liz Cartwright went down to the allotments to take a look. More>>