A year in the allotments 2006
Allotment 1:  After the potatoes and pumpkins from last year we dug out the weeds levelled off the area and sown rye grass in October. As the weather was so warm and mild, the first sign of lovely fresh  light green grass appeared by the end of the month. Before the winter started we had our playing area in order for next year. Hopefully the children will enjoy their time as much as they did in allotment 2 over the last few years. After the spring we have had a few workshops and social gatherings here so it was all worth it.

Allotment 2: Just as predicted in the previous year, the carpets  we put on top of our lovely lawn  did all the hard work for us. The rye and clover that was there  died  down and we planted our pumpkins, squashes, cucumbers and courgettes through the carpets. This way it was very low maintenance. By the end of June all we could see was a sea of leaves. Almost too wild. It was hard to find the cucumbers in amidst all the foliage. Next year I shall make sure the cucumbers are planted in the front for easy access. The Courgettes too were too far into the wilderness, so best to be placed at the edge of the bed.

Allotment 3: This is divided into 2 parts. The left hand side and the right hand side.
This year the right hand side was planted up with carrots, onions and beetroot. A great year  must do it again.
The left hand side, has been tremendously productive. We have had a constant stream of different types of lettuces from March until October, the French beans in all colours, peas and mangetous were fantastic too. This is well worth repeating.

Allotment 4: left hand side was planted up with new potatoes, leeks and brassicas.
We grew swift for a change and felt that they were much better.  Our trusty leeks were great again, we did not have many brassica’s as we had so many problems with cabbage caterpillars,  the Sprouting broccoli was fantastic. If there is any brassica worth growing in our gardens it will be this one.

Allotment 5: We planted our maincrop potatoes here. A little bit of a difficult start but in the end well worth it. We grew mainly Picasso, some Desiree and a few rows of Kestrel. Every one went home this year with a large 50kg bag of main crop spuds. Not bad for only a few hours work per week!

Allotment 6:  The raspeberries (Joan J) have been outstanding, they provided us with fruit from June until end of November. I can definitively recommend this variety if you like masses of  large, sweet fruit.  . All bushes are grown in beds to make the weekly lawn mowing easier.  This allotment has been easy to look after and looked good for most of the season.

Karina Wells, September 2006

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