Organic gardening is simply a way of working with nature rather than against it, of recycling natural materials to maintain soil fertility and of encouraging natural methods of pest and disease control, rather than relying on chemicals.

Organic gardening principles closely follow those found in the natural world.

The organic gardener is aware that there is a fine balance in the natural world which allows all the species to co-exist without any one gaining dominance.

By growing a wide diversity of plants, the organic gardener will attract and build up a miniature eco-system of pests and predators so that, provided the balance isn't upset by killing them with chemicals, no species will be allowed to build up to an unacceptable level.

The soil is teeming with millions of micro-organisms which, in the course of their lives, will release those nutrients required for healthy plant growth from organic matter. So, rather than feeding the plants, the organic way is to feed the soil with natural materials and allow the plants to draw on that reservoir of nutrients as and when they want them. Plants grown this way will be stronger and more able to resist attacks by pests and diseases.

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